YEOSHE piston pumps at EURODYNAMICA hydraulics

Various pump series by Yeoshe

Eurodynamica Hydraulics has a wide range of adjustable axial piston pumps from the brand Yeoshe. We are the exclusive distributor of Yeoshe pumps. These piston pumps have been
produced by Yeoshe since 1989 and have built up a reliable reputation. In short, it is a reliable brand that has been a manufacturer of hydraulic systems for over 30 years.

All Yeoshe piston pumps are equipped as standard with a mechanical regulation of the maximum yield. This is because they are equipped with an adjustable stop.

The following pump series are all available in different models. Including load-sense and pressure-regulated models. There are many other possibilities as well, including a proportionally-regulated model.

V series:

  • Cylinder capacity from 15cc to a maximum of 70 cc/rev
  • Operating pressure up to 210 bar nominal flow
  • 500 tot 1800 rpm

PV series:

  • Cylinder capacity 16cc up to maximal 270 cc/rev 
  • Operating pressure up to 350 bar nominal flow
  • 500 tot 2750 tpm (model dependent)

AR series:

  • Compac  lightweight pump (aluminium pump housing)
  • Cylinder capacities from 8cc to a maximum of  22,2cc/rev
  • operating pressure up to 165 bar nominal flow
  • 500 tot 1800 rpm
  • Ideal for mobile applications

PA10VSO series::

  • Cylinder capacities from 18cc up to maximum 140cc/rev
  • Operating pressure up to 280 bar nominal flow
  • 500 tot 3000 rpm (model dependent)

We deliver from an extensive warehouse stock

At our wholesaler in IJmuiden, the Netherlands you can also find (internal) gear pumps by Marzocchi, Caproni en Eckerle. We also supply vane pumps by Berarma and other components.