EURODYNAMICA HYDRAULICS supplies internal gear pumps By ECKERLE

More information about Eckerle pumps

The Eckerle internal gear pumps that we supply have a high efficiency even at low speeds. They are therefore very suitable for drives with a frequency regulator. An important feature of these pumps is their low noise level. Eckerle is highly regarded. Eurodynamica Hydraulics is therefore a proud distributor of this brand.

Unlike conventional gear pumps, Eckerle's internal gear pumps have internal cogs. As a result, these pumps have a wide viscosity and temperature range. They are therefore very suitable for applications with high operating pressures.

Eckerle has pumps for both mobile (EIPS) and industrial (EIPC and EIPH) applications:

  • EIPS2, EIPS3
  • EIPC2, EIPC3 en EIPC5
  • EIPH2, EIPH3 en EIPH6

There are many options for the assembly of multi pumps. This can be done by means of specially designed baying kits. With this you can also connect pumps from different assemblies.

Eurodynamica has a very large stock of pumps and baying kits. We also have excellent options to assemble multi pumps.

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More information about Eckerle pumps

These pumps can be delivered quickly from a very large stock.